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Rug DyingBleach spots are never welcomed in a house or office. While bleach is definitely a great product for disinfecting and cleaning your home, it’s not so great for your carpets. That’s why you need to enjoy a top bleach spot repair service in Glen Cove, NY.

At Evergreen Clean, we offer professional spot dyeing services to both residential and commercial customers. Our bleach spot repair services enable you to fix the problem extremely quickly in order to avoid the drawbacks of having bleach on your carpets.

Bleach is a very powerful chemical compound that, if left on the carpets for a prolonged period of time, strips the color from the fiber. While in the past there was nothing people could do to remove bleach from carpets, now they can hire a bleach spot repair company that can use the most advanced bleach removal techniques to solve the problem.

We use the most innovative techniques in order to neutralize the effects of bleach on your carpets and to ensure that it becomes chemically inactive. We then remove any bleach stains from your carpets using custom-made dye. We analyze the area affected and, using the power of technology and certain advanced computer software, we determine the amount of dye we need to use on the stain in order to make the carpet look like new again.

Rug DyingUsing this technique, we can also perfectly recover patterned or multi-colored carpets. Thus, you can gain peace of mind that your carpet will look like new and you won’t have to replace it or buy another one.

If you have a bleach spot and you need it gone, do not hesitate to contact us now. We offer professional bleach spot repair services to both residential and commercial customers in the Glen Cove NY area.

Choose Evergreen Clean and enjoy flawless carpets that look just amazing.

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